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The NCAA college football season continues to grow as that one sport that fans love to pay extra close attention to. As with any college sport taking center stage it not only reels in the fans of the two teams but also the entire alma mater that attended school. While not everyone can attend a game the modern technology advancement has made NCAA college football live scores even more important. 

Along with those fans and former school members NCAA college football live scores also play a key role in the sports betting side of the sport as well. While some may follow as a fan also many follow more than dozen games taking place a single time while looking for any additional opportunities to capitalize on their next bet. 

With this access to real time scores it opens up a ton of additional opportunities not only for the entire line of games but for just one game. Here are some of the additional sports betting opportunities presented by sportsbooks as well as Las Vegas that take place during a college football game that taking place. Here are few options Against The Spread – Pick any specific team to win the second half point total, Over/Under For 2nd Half – Total points scored for the half, How many touchdowns will a specific team give up in the second half. 

As mobile apps for both Iphone and Android phones continue to improve the chances of other sports betting features will also continue to grow. For now we can all look to capitalize based on what is going on both before and during the game.