NFL Preview 2017

The 2017 NFL Schedule is just around the corner as training camps get set to open. While the players relax for a few more days, the time is perfect for us to put out our 2017 NFL Season Preview for the upcoming season. Which NFL teams could be contenders while other teams are pretenders? In the end, the big question is there a team in the NFL in 2017 that can knock off the New England Patriots?

You will read it all here in our 2017 NFL Season Preview as we take a wide look around at the AFC and NFL conferences of the NFL. Our first stop will be in the AFC East where it continues to be a one-team race atop with the New England Patriots. Could 2017 be the year for a team like the Miami Dolphins? Continue reading to find 2017 NFL Season Preview.

2017 NFL Season Preview – AFC Conference

AFC East Champion – New England Patriots

The AFC East will simply come down to whether or not the New England Patriots can stay healthy including future Hall Of Famer Tom Brady. Brady who missed the start of the 2017 NFL Season due to a suspension, returned to gear the Patriots to yet again another Super Bowl title. While the Miami Dolphins made nice strides last season this team lacked to land a few significant pieces during the offseason. Meanwhile the Patriots found a way to get even better on offense by adding Brandin Cooks. As these two clubs battle it out for a playoff spot, the other two teams the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills could be fighting for the number one overall pick with holes at quarterback, wide receiver, line backer and basically every other position.

AFC South Champion – Houston Texans

Could it all be on the shoulder of Deshaun Watson this year in Houston? Last season the Texans found a way to sneak into the NFL Playoffs after winning the AFC South with a 9-7 record and that was with inconsistency at the quarterback position week in and week out. Now the team landed a proven winner who could just be the answer. Add that with the fact they have possible the best defensive player in all of football and you have a real shot. That being said this division could go all different directions including the Indianapolis Colts recapturing the title as Andrew Luck returns to form while the both the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars could be that dark horse.

AFC West Champion – Oakland Raiders

In the end this could just be a one team race to the finish with big question marks in Kansas City, Oakland and San Diego. Those question marks including at the quarterback position, wide receiver and even some with their respective head coaching situation. While the Raiders have their own question mark with quarterback Derek Carr who missed the end of the 2016, those could be answer very soon as training camp gets set. Add that with the fact the team added veteran running back Marshawn Lynch to bolster the teams running games makes this team the favorite entering the 2017 NFL Season Preview.

AFC North Champion – Pittsburgh Steelers

This might be the tightest division in all of football as all four teams could be in play as the season comes to an end. That includes a Cleveland Browns team that put together a pretty impressive draft class. While it may be a year or two early they could play spoiler for a few of those other clubs this year. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bengals may be the hardest offense in the NFL to defend as the team has possible the best wide receiver duo in all of the NFL with A.J. Green and the speedy John Ross. The one question mark in the division this season is the Baltimore Ravens who could have the talent to fight for another Super Bowl title but they also have gapping holes that could leave them at the bottom of the division. In the end it is to hard to look past the Steelers who might be the most polished team in the NFL and as long as they have Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell they will fight for a playoff berth each season.

AFC Wild Card Team 1 – Miami Dolphins

AFC Wild Card Team 2 – Cincinnati Bengals

2017 NFL Season Preview – NFC Conference

NFC East Champion – New York Giants

While all the money might be coming in on the Dallas Cowboys the latest drama surrounding Ezekiel Elliott has us worried about the Cowboys success this season. Yes the team still has possible the best offensive line but when you have a player of that talent level it makes opposing defenses focus on stopping him. Along with Elliott the Cowboys have concerns including on the defensive side of the ball as well as with how will Dak Prescott play in his sophomore season and what kind of season can Dez Bryant have. Meanwhile both the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles seasons may come down to their quarterback play. In DC if Kirk Cousins goes out and does what we saw Joe Flacco do a few seasons back he could get an even bigger deal. While in Philadelphia the Eagles will be relying on Carson Wentz to take another big step forward. With all that said the New York Giants have a solid defense and an offense that should be nearly impossible in slowing down especially if teams look to stop just Odell Beckham Jr.

NFC South Champion – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Will the collapse in last years Super Bowl cost the Atlanta Falcons another trip back to the playoffs in 2017? Yes this club has talent all over the field including one of the best quarterback to wide receiver duo’s in the NFL with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Last seasons collapse could put a ton of pressure on this club during the 2017 NFL Schedule. While this might be the deepest division with a potential four quarterback All-Pro tandem both the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints have gapping holes or concerns. In Carolina it will come down to how healthy Cam Newton is while the Saints continue to have their issues on defense. All of those issues open the door for the up and coming Buccaneers team to move closer to landing one of the six playoff spots in the NFC. 

NFC West Champion – Seattle Seahawks

Much like the AFC West, the NFC West has to many holes outside of the top team to really expect any other team to make a run. In Arizona the Cardinals still continue to have issues finding a young stud quarterback. Meanwhile in California both the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers have no clue who will be behind center. This leaves the well rounded Seattle Seahawks to an easy run to the playoffs as long as age doesn’t catch up on defense and the offense can find a true running game to take the pressure off of Russell Wilson.

NFC North Champion – Green Bay Packers

Now this might be the toughest of all of the divisions to bet on as many have the Packer as the top team. While we agree with Aaron Rodgers behind center, one of these other teams may surprise us this year with the Minnesota Vikings being that team for us. If the Vikings can get a more consistent play week in and week out by their quarterbacks they have the talent on both sides of the ball to make a run. The other team fighting for the division will be the Detroit Lions who continue to be a pest for the Green Bay Packers year in and year out. Unfortunalty unless Calvin Johnson walks back into that locker room this team lacks that one true playmaker to take a over a game in crunch time. Than you have the Bears who might be inline for another top five pick in 2017. All of those concerns leave Aaron Rodgers in line for another MVP run and a chance to take home another Lombardi Trophy. 

NFC Wild Card Team 1 – Atlanta Falcons

NFC Wild Card Team 2 – Washington Redskins

Best Sleeper Team To Bet On – Cleveland Browns

Solid Value Team To Betting – Minnesota Vikings

Potential Let Down Team To Bet – Atlanta Falcons